TG-TRAINS GOTSUDDVD - Gottardo Sud Swiss Railways from the air part 2 Gotthard south ramp.
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*: Per Calabria, Sicilia e Sardegna +1 giorno lavorativo.
Gottardo Sud Swiss Railways from the air part 2 Gotthard south ramp.

We start at the southern portal of the Gotthard tunnel at Airolo and travel south to the first south ramp spirals between Rodi-Fiesso and Faido to view the trains from impossible angles were it not for the new technology. The double spirals between Lavorgo and Giornico are possibly the most perfect and dramatic on the whole mountain railway. Views from the ground are limited to a few spots at the bottom of the valley by the river. We have no such limitations and are able to view trains on all three levels with ease. At Bodio we watch SBB Cargo deliver wagons to local customers before we reach Pollegio where the new base-tunnel breaks ground. Between Pollegio and Biasca we can follow the old and new alignments and see how they fit into the landscape and how SBB will use them to best effect. We conclude at the Ticino rail-hub Bellinzona.

RT 69 mins Narrated
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